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ArmorAll Tyre Foam 500ml

Product Description

  • The only additional ingredients are aerosol propellants and foaming agents
  • Tire Foam is economical, treating up to 35 tyres and there's no need for extra rags or sponges

  • These foaming agents produce the foam but they also hold the active ingredients in place on the tyre sidewall so the cleaners have a chance to do their work

  • Then, as the foam breaks down, the dirt and cleaning agents are carried away and the protection and beautification ingredients can penetrate the rubber
  • It is also ozone friendly, uses no CFCs and it will not damage wheels or paints.

    Size: 500ml.

  • ArmorAll® Tire Foam is formulated from the same basic ingredients found in Armor All® Protectant, but Tire Foam has a greater proportion of cleaners for the extra needs of dirty tyres

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