AHCC39942 ArmorAll

ArmorAll Wheel Foam 500ml


Product Description

  • As a consequence, speciality wheel cleaners have been in greater demand, and yet many of the wheel cleaners on the market have failed to remove the heavy duty dirt and brake dust that gather on these wheels.

    ArmorAll® Wheel Foam is specially formulated to remove brake dust, road grime, tar and grease, safely and easily

  • It then breaks the bond releasing the dirt so that stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a brush and after waiting just a minute, the remainder of the dirt can be hosed off.

    Size: 500ml.

  • Deep cleaning agents penetrate into hard to reach areas, dislodging tough dirt and brake dust
  • Leaves wheels and wheel covers beautifully clean and shiny.

    Brake dust, grease and dirt collect and bond to the area, especially in hard-to-reach areas

  • After spraying Wheel Foam onto the wheel, it penetrates through the dirt to the surface of the wheel

  • Speciality wheels have become more popular as vehicle manufacturers have started adding them on new car packages as a selling advantage

  • This tough, easy to use formulation is safe, non-toxic and can be used on all types of wheel rims, wheel covers and hubcaps

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