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ARTDECO Skin Yoga BioLab Repair Eye Cream - 15ml

  • Masque Destressant Hydratation. A moisturizing and soothing mask for dehydrated and weakened skin that's prone to feelings of tightness.

Product Description

Eye cream with firming effect

This light anti-wrinkle eye cream is very well-tolerated by the skin, and gently repairs irritated skin. Avocado oil is a very well tolerated oil, it is absorbed very well by the skin. It contains vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids and lechitin, which keep the skin well kempt, and soft. nourishes and stimulates cell regeneration. The high-tech active ingredient Gatuline® Expression effectively combats lines and wrinkles. Polysaccharides improve the skin's firmness and stimulates its own protective mechanism. Shea butter is retrieved from the nuts of the Shea tree that mainly grows in Central Africa. The Shea tree does not let itself be raised. It blossoms after 20 years and first after 50 years has it reached its profitability. This disadvantage makes Shea butter to an expensive active ingredient. The Shea butter is a valuable skin care agent with high amounts of Vitamin A, E, Carotene, Allantoin and essential fatty acids. Shea butter has a good penetration, has good elasticity and makes the skin soft and tender. Shea butter also has a healing effect when skin inflammation. Squalene is a clear and scentless oil with a very good spreading quality. It is mainly retrieved from olive oil. Squalene is also a natural component of human skin fat. Squalene is a valuable cosmetic oil and is mainly in care cosmetics and cleaning supplements. It maintains the hydration level of the skin and smoothes it. and Ceramides are peptides. They are important lipids of the epidermal protective barrier because it keeps the horny skin cells together like bricks and mortar. Like this the skin receives a soft and intact superficial layer and is protection against moisture loss. Ceramides are used in treatment products to decrease the moisture loss of the epidermis. form a complex that is very similar to the skin in structure, forming an active protective barrier on the skin.



Dab the cream around the eye area and gently pat it in.

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