TAPR12118 AsmaSpray

AsmaSpray - 30ml

  • AsmaSpray (with Coleus Forshkolii and Tylphora Asthmatica Spray) supports a healthy respiratory system
  • AsmaSpray
  • Asthma is characterised by a hyper-response of the trachea and bronchi, which results in a a narrowing of the airways in the lung.
  • Asthma cases have increased by 400% since 1980, to approximately 3 million


Product Description

  • Mast cells have receptors for cAMP and cGMP
  • Mast cells are intimately involved in releasing chemical mediators that enhance or inhibit the asthmatic attack
  • Drugs that are beta-receptor antagonists enhance cAMP release, and inhibit histamine release that eases the asthmatic attack
  • The relative ratios of cAMP and cGMP have direct consequence on whether an asthma attack will occur.

    The problem is with drugs is their side effects and no one wants to keep pumping steroids into their body if they can help it.

    The ability of C.Forshkolii to activate intracellular cAMP is what makes it so valuable as a therapeutic component
  • The receptor that activates this enzyme is the beta-receptor
  • This relaxes bronchial smooth muscle and helps prevents bronchi-spasm
  • These products are not offered as a treatment or a cure for any medical conditions, but only as a nutritional support.
  • cAMP inhibits the release of histamine, cAMP is released under the stimulation of the enzyme adenylate cyclase
  • As these levels rise it inhibits the release of chemical mediators
  • Forshkolii stimulates the enzyme adenylate cyclase to release cAMP

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