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Aspall Organic Cider Vinegar - 5000ml

  • Quite simply the finest cyder vinegar available on the market today
  • The first Aspall vinegar to be launched to market, it continues to be our brand leader and is available nationally through health, delicatessen and supermarket trade
  • It has a gentle aroma of cyder apples and a full yet rounded taste
  • It also has a range of uses that we continue to discover and be amazed by today.


Product Description

  • Organic Cyder Vinegar recently scooped top prize in the 2008 Soil Association Awards, in the Store Cupboards Staples Category.


The family take a dessertspoonful in a glass of water 3 times a day as a health tonic, following in the footsteps of Perronelle who lived a very active life right up to her later years.

Deglase your pans with Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar at high temperature to boil the majority of the acetic acid off and retain the flavour from the cooking. This can then be used as a jus over meat dishes or in a gravy or sauce.


Aspall is derived from a Saxon description of its environment. The aspen tree was prominent in the area and the Saxon word for land in the bend of a river or between two rivers is 'halh'. Over time the two words to describe the area Aspen Halh became amalgamated to the single word 'Aspall'

There has been some form of settlement at Aspall for many hundreds of years. The first recorded mention of Aspall is in the Doomsday Book, commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1078.

As recently as the early 1900's the parish of Aspall had a big enough population to warrant its own School. A schoolhouse was built by the Rev. John Henry Chevallier and was in use until the 1930's.

Today the parish itself has a population of 30. The Church St Mary's of Grace still stands and a morning service is held every Sunday throughout the year.

The name Aspall although famous in the time of William the Conqueror is now more well known for the range of cyder, apple juice and vinegar produced by the Chevallier family who live at Aspall Hall Farm.

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