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Auto Glym Bird Dropping Wipes - Pack of 10 Wipes

  • Unfortunately you aren't always near a water source and a quick fix is required
  • To help with this we have produced 10 individually sealed foil sachets each containing a pre-treated wipe for bird dropping removal on the go
  • Keep a pack in the glove box to use next time you are 'visited'...Pro Tip: If the bird dropping has dried onto paintwork, lay the wipe over the dropping to soften it
  • Of course it leaves a little smear which you'll have to get rid of next time you wash the car (or a clean bit!) but this is far better than leaving corrosive bird poo eating your paintwork!Simply the best way to remove these troublesome messes from your car
  • They instantly break down even the most angry bird poo on your paintwork! You may then safely dispose of the wipe in the bin
  • Bird droppings can be very damaging to modern paints and should be removed as quickly as possible
  • If you try to rub a dry dropping it may scratch the paintwork.Customer Reviews: -These should always be kept in your car especially if you live near the the coast because seagull poo sets like concrete, but if you catch it with the wipes you should be ok.I always have a pack of these in my boot
  • Get them! There is nothing simpler or more effective on the market.

Product Description

  • A Clean Fix For a Mucky Job
  • Leaves Paintwork & Glass Gleaming
  • The UK Market Leader
  • Selected By Aston Martin, Jaguar & Morgan
  • By Royal Appointment

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