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AUTO Sensor Detection of 36W UV Gel Curing Lamp & Fan + Gel Set

  • With Timer switch which would be used to control the timing of UV curing
  • 3)If you want to turn off the machine please turn the switch to 0 Notice: 1)Please replace the UV bulbs regularly every 6 months
  • United Kingdom / Australia / All European Countries / etc then we will send a 220V~240V standard lamp to you If your shipping address is in 110V~120V power supply countries like e.g
  • After that the machine will start to work automatically when you place you hands inside the lamp
  • Create your own nail pattern with the nail art decoration rhinestones!! Suitable for hands and feet Good for Professional Salons or home use Voltage: ** 110V~240V ** Can be used in any places around the world
  • You can then vary the time as you like between 5 secs to 300 secs
  • We provide 1-Year Warranty for all Electrical Machines
  • Designed for instant gel nails curing! Can be used with various kind of UV products such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / etc
  • The panel will displays 180 secs
  • Then press the icon buttons of the lamp and fan the machine will start to work
  • You can set any time between 5 seconds to 300 seconds
  • If your shipping address is in 220V~240V power supply countries like e.g
  • 2)Do not stare at the UV bulb straightly
  • Package include: AUTO Sensor Detection Design - 36W UV Lamp & Fan 9 Watt UV Lamp Tube x 4 pieces 1/2oz Clear UV Gel x 2 1/2oz White UV Gel x 1 1/2oz Pink UV Gel x 1 14ml UV Top Coat x 1 3g nail glue x 1 2oz Cleanser Plus x 1 Nail Art Brush x 1 Nail File x 1 False Nail - transparent x 20 False Nail- white x 20 Nail Forms x 20 5 white buffer filing and sanding blocks Free Gift: 1pcs x Nail Art Stickers for sample try Free Gifts : 1 set of 1200pcs Nail Art Rhinestones for sample try Package Description: AUTO Sensor Detection - 36W UV Lamp + Fan Sensor detection enable the lamp to be powered up automatically when yu place your hand inside the lamp You can also turn off the sensor and choose to manually control both the lamp and fan
  • / Canada / Japan then we will send a 110V~120V lamp to you Size of UV Lamp : 26cm x 18cm x 14cm Usgae: 1)Power on and turn on the switch to -- at the back of the lamp
  • U.S
  • 2)If you want to use the Sensor function please turn on the switch to = at the back of the lamp


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