ISLS18407 Vent-Axia

Axial Plate Fan Esp63014 - Vent Axia


Product Description

  • All units are designed for & fully speed controllable
  • Models are available with either 2,4, 6 & 8 pole motors

  • Accessories
    A full range of accessories:

    Electronic Speed Controllers
    Auto Transformer Speed Controllers
  • Rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940
  • Capacitor start and run
  • Three phase 380-415V 50Hz
  • To ensure minimum noise levels during speed control, an auto transformer speed control is recommended

  • Motors
    External rotor motors are specially designed and styled for this range of fan
  • Ball bearings shall be greased for life
  • Sizes 315-1000mm, motors are protected to IP54, against dust and moisture complying with BS EN 60529:1992

  • Performance
    The fan performance, shall be in accordance with tests to BS848 Part 1 1980
  • Motor insluation is Class 'F' (from -40°C to +70°C)

  • Electrical
    Single phase 220-240V 50Hz
  • They shall be ribbed aluminium body castings for efficient cooling

  • Terminal Box
    Are to IP54, as standard, protected against dust water jets from any angle allowing outside applications

  • Sound Levels
    Fan sound levels, measured in a reverberant chamber in accordance with BS848 Part 2 1985
  • Published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels at 3m with spherical propogation at a reference level of 2 x 10-5 Pa (20 micro-Pascal)
  • Starters & overloads
    Discharge Guards
    Louvre Shutters
  • An IP54 terminal box shall be supplied with most models with 20mm and PGII entry
    The new range of EuroSeries ESP axial blade plate fans, feature a single shot die cast aluminium blade & external rotor motor design

  • Impellers
    All sizes shall be supplied with cast aluminium impellers, ensuring performance when working against outdoor conditions and abrasive airflow
  • All fans are reversible for Intake (-30% performance)
  • All motors shall be fitted with thermal overload Protection which should be wired into all controller circuits and into starter contactors
  • The sound power level spectra figures are dB with reference level of 10-12 Watts (1 pico-watt)

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