PSPP14708 B kids

B Kids - Watch Over Me Dream Station


Product Description

  • Simply strap the product to the side of the crib and select the desired program.

    Phase 1 - TIME FOR BED - activate Watch over me and as the paddles begin to sway

  • The award winning Dream Station - Watch over Me, has been designed with sleep experts to encourage the 5 phase sleeping program.

    The smart sensor built into the product will monitor the sound and motion of the chid
  • If they become too unsettled then the soft music, motion and projected lights will start to clam them down and ease them back to sleep.

    Phase 5 - WAKING UP - Once the preset timer is complete then the Watch Over Me will turn on mood lights and begin playing softly, the music and light shows will then begin to encourage your child to wake up to happy activity.

    Box Dimensions: 35 x 23 x 24 cms

    Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: From birth
  • gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm the baby down and prepare them for sleep.

    Phase 2 - FALLING ASLEEP - As less activity is detected the lights movement and music of Watch Over Me are made quieter and calmer to help ease the baby into sleep.

    Phase 3 - ASLEEP - Once no movement or sound are detected then the motion, sound and lights are replaced by soothing mood lights and white noise.

    Phase 4 - CONTINUED SLEEP - The sensor continues to monitor the baby through the night offering mood lights to keep them calm should they wake

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Age Range

3 years - 8 years




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