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Baby Balance Stage 1 - Pumpkin, Carrot & Chicken - 125g Jar

  • Perfectly smooth purées that are easy to swallow and gentle in flavour, for first and early weaning
  • Baby Balance Stage 1 - Pumpkin, Carrot & Chicken
  • Suitable from 4-6 months
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Product Description

  • Our SMOOTHLY does it! recipes have gentle flavours, are perfectly smooth and easy to swallow
  • Simply scrummy! Puréed pumpkin and carrot bring a lovely golden glow to chicken, potato and creamy sauce in this mild and gentle balanced meal.

    Stage 1 – Smoothly Does It!
    Moving to solids from milk is a big change for your baby, but essential because they need to learn how to take food from a spoon and accept tastes other than milk
  • A taste of is ideal for first weaning, while the savoury dishes - although mild - offer balanced meals with plenty of variety.


No added soya
No added egg


Babies aren't mini adults. They grow rapidly over a short period of time and the nutrition they need changes with them. They need more energy and nutrients than adults in relation to their size, and have to learn to eat solids and enjoy new tastes gradually, so it can be tricky to know what to feed at each stage. That's why our baby nutritionists have developed new Cow & Gate Baby Balance.

Here's why it's so unique:

Tailored for each stage of development
Weaning is all about introducing the right tastes, textures and foods at the right stage, to support your baby’s development.

Balanced nutrition and plenty of variety
Our range helps you give your baby a wide variety of foods within and across different food groups, for a healthy, balanced diet.

Babies love eating Cow & Gate Baby Balance
We’re committed to helping you give your baby a healthy start. So we’ve created a nutritious, balanced range for each stage, and to make sure babies love it over 4,000 of them taste-approved it for us!

We only use the best baby-grade ingredients
Using the highest quality ingredients matters to us. For example, we can trace every single fruit and vegetable back to the farmer who grew it.

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