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Bacofoil Small Portion Trays - Pack of 6

  • BacoFoil® Small Portion Trays are suitable for cooking, freezing and storing smaller portions of food without taking up the same space as unnecessarily large containers.



Baco® Consumer Products Limited is the UK's leading branded provider of a range of products in the food preparation & storage, and waste management sectors.
Our aim is to develop innovative, high-quality products that solve your everyday problems around the home.

Is our best known product and is also the UK's best known brand of aluminium foil. Highly respected and trusted by our consumers, it is available in a number of formats depending on your cooking and convenience needs:
Classic: Our regular strength foil, that is stronger and thicker than any of our mainstream competitors (both private label and branded).
Extra Thick: Is perfect for your most demanding food situations such as Grilling and for Barbecues.
Roasting Foil: The original foil for your largest roasting needs such as turkeys.
Non-Stick: Essential for fuss-free cooking. BacoFoil® Non-Stick makes your recipes even healthier as its unique coating means there's no need for additional fat or oil, so it instantly reduces fat content without compromising on taste or appearance.
Foil Sheets: For the ultimate in convenience BacoFoil® is available as a pack of 25 sheets, so there's no need for any measuring or cutting.
Foilware: For all your foil tray needs.

Our range of food storage and waste management products include:
Baco® Rainbow snack & sandwich bags especially for young children
Baco® tub-its! For all your food storage needs
Baco Food Bags
Baco Bin & Refuse Liners
Baco Baking Range: Baking Paper / Greaseproof Paper and Cling Film
Doggie Doo


Product & Pack
Line number: 05372
Dimensions - foil: 0 mm x 0 m
Dimensions - pack (WxHxD): 120 mm x 150 mm x 65 mm
Pack gross weight: 55.00 grams

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