Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Bahco 9527-12-CA Combination Wood Auger Bit Long Series 12mm - 12mm

  • Extra long auger bit for drilling in wood
  • Spirals with Levin pattern
  • Lacquered for rust protection.

Product Description

  • Bahco Long Combination Auger Bit, these are dual-purpose and can be used in hand braces and power drills
  • Designed to quickly drill accurate, very clean holes in awkward to reach spots or through heavy-section timbers
  • One section of tang with hexagonal shank for firm grip in the chuck
  • Additional 15 mm long section with four flat sides, suitable for hand braces.


Size: 12 mm.

Overall length: 400 mm (16in).

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