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Banana Party Childrens Game


Product Description

  • At breakneck speed he leaps from one liana to the next
  • They take their turns rolling the die
  • If it shows one or more limbs, the active player gets to rotate the corresponding number of limbs
  • If the die shows a monkey, all players have to place their monkeys in the trees again.
  • All they care about is playing tricks on the other monkeys, trying to relieve them of their hoard of bananas
  • All other monkeys cannot stop gazing in amazement and suddenly he is lost from sight
  • But beware: only the player who has collected the most bananas will be the winner of the game.

    Up to four young players take charge of their gang of mischievous monkeys
  • On which limb is he sitting now? If you tweak the proper limbs in the jungle, you may annoy Ben and his gang heavily and pilfer their beloved bananas
  • Should another player have placed a monkey on that limb, it tumbles down and the active player is rewarded with bananas
  • As the 3-D jungle offers many hiding spots you’ll need a good memory to drive your opponents’ monkeys out of the trees and snatch their bananas for your own crew.

    Sequence of play:
    First of all the players set up the 3-D jungle and hide their monkeys in the trees
  • Of course players can rotate a limb from which their own monkey is hanging without having it fall down
  • „Out of my way!“ Ben Banana is calling, the boss of the jungle monkey gang

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5 years - 10 years




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