BART10004 Bart Spices

Bart Spices Ground Coriander - Pack of 4 x 30g

  • This fine orangey/brown powder gives a distinctive warm and fragrant aroma and a sweet, fruity flavour
  • Bart Spices Ground Coriander
  • Coriander is a key spice in Middle Eastern, North African and Indian dishes.



Bart Spices is an independent sustainable company that helps people enjoy good food. We are sustainable because we care about the way we do business; we do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We are independent because the management of Bart Spices own the company. We help people enjoy food by putting recipes on our jars and our website. Bart Spices was established in Bristol in the 1960’s and has grown into one of the UK’s leading ingredients suppliers. We have a dedicated team who have a passion for sourcing and delivering a wonderful range of herbs, spices and ingredients from all over the globe. We believe that Bart Spices is an ethical company as we have environmental and community policies, as well as a wide range of organic and Fairtrade products.

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