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Baxter Print Going to Church Framed and Mounted

  • Nicely mounted and framed in a gilt frame
  • They exhibit a great delicacy of finish and are brilliant in colour
  • The picture is called Going to Church
  • His results he termed oil pictures
  • This particular picture itself measures 6 inches (15 cm) in height, and 4 1/5 inches (10 1/2 cm) in width
  • To quote his own words in an advertisement, No ladys Scrap Book can be perfect, without a series of these prints They are mostly small in size some three inches by four inches in area
  • A bit about George Baxter - 1806-1867 invented a process of using several blocks of colour printing
  • He published them about 1850 with prices varying from two shillings (15 cents) down to sixpence (3.5 cents) per print
  • Frame total measures 11 1/4 inches (29 cm) in height, and 9 1/3 inches (24 cm) in width
  • Weighs unpackaged 575 grammes.
  • They came at a period when albums and books of gems were the necessary appurtenances of the Drawing Room table


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