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GURE10177 Jean Greenhowe

Bazaar Knits

by Jean Greenhowe
  • This booklet introduces a group of irresistible Accesories and characters.This booklet is absolutely packed with over forty imaginative novelties for charity fund-raising and gifts for family and friends.If you are enjoying knitting for charity, it can be quite a problem finding things to make which are quick, easy, inexpensive and yet attractive enough to sell like hotcakes! The designs in this booklet are a pleasure to knit and excellent fund-raisers, as they require only small oddments of double knitting yarn and take very little time to completeThe centre piece in Bazaar Knits is Jean's superb Pedlar Doll
  • Why not make her for a charity raffle, as a special gift or just for yourself
  • A pocket is included at the back of the frame so that you can change photographs or pictures as often as you like.The last items are a Desk Tidy and Spooky Bank for saving up coins
  • The mini sweater measures 7cm (2¾in) in length.There are three very realistic and yummy Pincushion Cakes
  • You won't believe how easy it is to produce the battenburg 'quartered' effect
  • The large Playball measures 38cm (15in) in circumference.The versatile Little Bugs can be made in minutes as miniature toys, pencil toppers or amusing 'bookworm' bookmarks
  • They measure 18cm (7in) in length and there are instructions for how to create your own colour schemes
  • Plastic throw-away bottles can also be turned into pretty Flower Bracelets.The Cosy Family are five egg cosies guaranteed to keep your eggs warm at breakfast
  • Imagine how fantastic the Mobile would look displayed in a bedroom.Would you think it possible to knit a decorated Picture Frame? This sweet flower-trimmed version is worked in garter stitch and measures 14.5cm (5¾in) in diameter
  • These could be constructed from various materials - some were even made with dried apple heads
  • These designs are so marvellous they look like knitted sculpture! Both measure about 10cm (4in) in height and are based upon the same pattern
  • Each character comes with a removable knitted egg designed to hold the cosy in perfect shape when not in use.The Tangerine and Lemon Sachets look just like the real thing and there are hints on how they can be scented.The same applies to the Fragrant Finery Sachets, three perfect garments in miniature, plus a small handbag
  • The Pedlar Doll measures 29cm (11½in) in height to the top of her bonnet.There are three Comical Cacti in plant pots, Finger Puppets in miniature pots and Pop-Up Cacti giving hours of play.Have you ever told someone 'you deserve a medal'? Well now you can award your own hand-knitted versions with our Message Medals
  • The details and 'stone' effects are created with marker pen and if you are wondering how you will manage to make those realistic 'steps' leading up to the towers - they are just strips of garter stitch.
  • All these are sure to sell like hot cakes at your charity sale and they only require oddments of yarn
  • Perhaps your creation may prove to be a collectors' item of the future or an heirloom to treasure
  • Good enough to eat we say!Our novelty Wristwatch Pincushions are very handy indeed for the needlewoman when a pin is required quickly.And for ladies who can never find those handbag essentials there is a trio of delightful and useful Handbag Accessories
  • The bug is 7cm (2¾in) long.Our Aeroplane Toy and Mobile are firm children's favourites
  • Jean's charming Pedlar Doll is unique because everything is knitted, including her many wares
  • So, why not show someone you care by saying 'well done', 'thank you' or 'No 1 Mum'.We have lots of choice in the knitted jewellery section
  • They measure just 4cm (1½in) across and the faces and hats are knitted in one piece.The delicate Flower Brooches represent a daisy, buttercup, pansy and nasturtium
  • These old dolls have since become collectors' items and are often seen in museums
  • The main parts of the balls and balloon are knitted in just one piece
  • The matching make-up bag, glasses case and tissue pocket are all trimmed with dainty flowers.Children will love the Rainbow Playballs and Hot Air Balloon complete with basket and Finger Puppet passengers
  • Measuring 13cm (5in) from nose to tail they are so plump you'll want to hug them
  • Dad wears a peaked cap, Mum a flowery bonnet, the Twins have bobble hats and Baby is snoozing with his soother
  • In the Bazaar Knit Pattern Booklet, Jean Greenhowe has produced a unique and fascinating new craft which transforms garter stitch strips into exciting creations
  • Liquorice Sweets magically transform into a knitted necklace, key-rings and ear-rings as well as a very original noughts and crosses game
  • Little girls won't be able to resist the Babyface Brooches - complete with soothers



  • Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


  • Baby Lock 5 Year Warranty BL02


    • 20 Designs
    • Message Medals
    • Babyface Brooches
    • Flower Brooches
    • Flower Braceletcs
    • Comical Cacti
    • Pop-Up Cacti
    • Cactus Finger Puppets
    • Watch Pincushions
    • Liquorice Sweets
    • The Cosy Family
    • Handbag Accessories
    • Tangerine and lemon sachets
    • Rainball Playballs and Balloon
    • Frag Finery
    • Flower Bracelets
    • Little Bugs
    • Plus Much More.


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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.