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Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappies - Mini - Pack of 20

  • Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappies - each nappy has 30% less chemicals, and best for the planet; every nappy is 40% more bio-degradable than standard disposable nappies. With extra comfort for your baby and high performance, they are designed to last up to 12 hours.

Product Description

  • Most babies suffer from Nappy Rash, Eczema, Asthma or Sensitive Skin Problems in their first three years of life. Many of these problems can be easily solved by avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Beaming Baby's Bio-Degradable Nappies contain 30% LESS chemicals than standard nappies (and 15% less than other eco-nappies).
  • Totally chlorine free and contain only clean plastics which are used in the Velcro patch and elasticated back and side panels.
  • These nappies are over 65% biodegradable (including packaging) - the most bio-degradable disposable nappy available in the UK
  • Made from breathable cotton and cornstarch.
  • Allows the air to circulate freely but traps the moisture in, to prevent your baby from getting damp clothing


Award Winning, Certified Organic, Carbon Neutral and Charitable - We strive for perfection in all of these areas, for the benefit of our customers and of our world. Keep reading to find out more. Award Winning Beaming Baby won the Bronze award for Best Skincare Product 2008/9, beating our competitors to this gloabally respected industry award. Certified Organic The purest for your baby and that's certified! all Beaming Baby products are certified by the Organic food Federation, our wipes lotion is the first in the world to use over 95% organic ingriedients. The certified organic plant ingredients are grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Carbon Neutral Our bottles are 100% recycled plastic. Our wipes are 100 biodegradable, made from wood pulp from sustainable European forests. We are working with the Carbon Trust to minimise emissions and we contribute to gold standard reforsetation projects to offset our emissions by 120%.


At Beaming Baby we believe these are the world’s most advanced environmentally friendly disposable nappies with premium performance, designed for superior comfort during an active day and to last for up to 12 hours to encourage a good night's sleep! They use 30% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies; especially those with eczema or sensitive skin (try our Organic Baby Lotion and Organic Baby Wipes). They form a naturally breathable layer against your baby’s skin; the top sheet is made with natural cotton and cornstarch fibres. We infuse them with aromatherapy oils including chamomile and ylang-ylang to help protect baby’s sensitive skin and release a gentle scent.


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20 Nappies Size 1 to fit: 4-13lbs, 2-6kg Colour Code: Light Yellow

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