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Ben's Itch Gone Insect After Bite Relief

  • 100% natural, non-allergenic and chemical free. Safe for use on children. Can be used through light clothing. Provides approximately 3000 treatments.

Product Description

For almost instant relief from the pain and irritation of insect bite, use Ben's Itch Gone. Stopping the release of histamines, Ben's Itch Gone stops itching, irritation and swelling, with just one application lasting up to 24 hours.


About Ardern Healthcare Ltd.:

Ardern Healthcare Ltd., a privately owned British pharmaceutical company, was formed in 1997 by the former senior management team of Nycomed UK (Pharma) when Nycomed closed its UK pharmaceutical business.

Initially Ardern negotiated a distribution deal with Nycomed to market some of its prescription products in the UK and Ireland. This agreement remains in force today with the main product focus being in the area of sexual health and generic medicines.

Since its formation Ardern has developed its franchise in the over the counter retail market. Ardern sources products from both Europe and the USA. It has developed a positive relationship with Tender Corporation, a leading US manufacturer of insect bite treatment, repellents and other seasonal products. Ardern's mission is to become a leading UK supplier of bite treatments and repellents.

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