Bernina 1300MDC Overlocker & Coverstitch Machine


Product Description

  • It's that simple
  • Stitch Width up to 9 mm - Even lets you sew together loose knits, such as hand-knitted sweaters
  • You can also read recommended basic thread tension, and save personal settings
  • Sew, cut and neaten in a single operation-in overlock, chain or cover stitch
  • Flatlock - add designer details with 2 or 3-thread flatlock Rolled Hem - Fine finishes in 2 or 3 threads, for perfect edges on all fabrics
  • Front foot lift system - The front foot lift gives an additional lift to the front of the presser foot, making it possible to accurately position multiple layers of fabric and bulky projects such as polar fleece, hand-knit sweaters and home decorating fabrics underneath it
  • A simple threading system - The Bernina lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly-and the automatic lower-looper threading system makes it simpler, too
  • Features: Micro Thread Control (mtc) - Thanks to mtc , it's finally possible to directly set the over-edge thread length for the perfect seam at the twist of a knob
  • Innovative features make this serger delightfully easy to use and ensure professional quality down to the last stitch
  • LCD screen - The clear display tells you both personal and default basic settings of stitch variations
  • Handwheel position indicator - Easy, ergonomic operation
  • You'll be inspired by the wide range of stitches and enjoy the wealth of deluxe features that make serging an even greater pleasure
  • Included Presser Feet and Accessories - Combination presser foot for Overlock and Chain Stitch with built-in tape guide, Cover Stitch compensating foot, Blind Stitch foot, Elasticator foot, waste collector, needles and even a dust cover are included
  • Rolled Hem - Nothing is simpler than a Bernina rolled hem: Simply move the rolled-hem lever to switch effortlessly to a rolled edge stitch and back again with no need to change the stitch plate or presser foot
  • Find the ideal threading position for the needles and the lower looper quickly
  • Professional knife drive from above - Provides the greatest, most robust cutting force
  • Perfect all-around results with ease
  • Additional Accessories available for the Bernina 1300MDC include: Multi-Purpose foot for cording, beading and sequins Cording foot for decorative and reinforced edges Gathering foot and Gathering attachment for fast and easy gathers Seam guides for overlocking Cover Stitch Hem Guide for perfectly even hems
  • A Bernina exclusive
  • A Bernina exclusive
  • Even thick fabrics won't deflect the upper knife-so all fabric edges can be trimmed safely and professionally
  • A Bernina exclusive
  • Cover Stitch - 2-needle narrow or wide, 3-needle for perfect results in hemming and decorative applications in all fabric weights Chain Stitch - ideal for fast construction, it can become decorative with thicker threads in the looper
  • Differential feed - Stepless differential feed ensures wave-free seams in knits and prevents puckering in fine fabrics - at the same time allowing deliberate gathering
  • Patented swing-out presser foot - Simply swing the foot out to the side to give yourself plenty of space for easy threading and hassle-free needle change
  • Stitches: Up to 24 stitch variations -Overlock, Chain Stitch, Cover Stitch, Flatlock, Rolled Hem, all at your fingertips, all crisp and clean
  • Overlock - 19 variations with 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads, including safety seams in 4 or 5 threads
  • With the patented BERNINA Micro Thread Control (mtc), every edge can look perfect and loose loops are a thing of the past
  • The 1300MDC has a host of special features designed to make your sewing experience simpler, smarter, and more creative

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