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Berocca Boost - 10 Tablets

  • And if your life is non-stop, sometimes you might want a healthy kick.
  • With work, home life and socialising, your day can be a full one


Product Description

  • Berocca® Boost is a fizzable tablet that gives you a little kick when you need it most
  • So whether you're working hard or enjoying a busy social life, it can help you feel more awake, alert, and at your best – making you ready for whatever life throws at you.

    Berocca® Boost can help
  • And because Berocca® Boost comes in a handy, effervescent tablet, it's convenient for people with demanding lifestyles
  • These include micronutrients that the body doesn't normally store, so we all need to replace them on a regular basis
  • That's because it contains Guarana, a plant extract with natural caffeine, which can help people feel more awake and alert.
    It also has a healthy formula of B & C vitamins and minerals
  • With B vitamins, minerals and natural Guarana, it's a fast acting way to stimulate your body and mind
  • No hassle, no mess, just great Berocca® Boost taste
  • That's why active people choose Berocca® Boost

Nutrition Information

Per Tablet % RDA
Vitamin B1 1.12mg 102
Vitamin B2 1.28mg 91
Niacin 14.4mg NE 90
Pantothenic Acid 4.8mg 80
Vitamin B6 1.6mg 114
Folic Acid 160µg 80
Vitamin B12 0.8µg 32
Biotin 120µg 240
Vitamin C 48mg 60
Magnesium 80mg 21
Zinc 7.6mg 76
Guarana 177.8mg *
RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
* = No RDA NE = Niacin Equivalent


It's funny how nature comes up with good ideas. For centuries, people in the Amazon rainforest region have used the berries of the Guarana plant to improve accuracy and concentration. That's because they contain Guaranine, a natural form of caffeine, and one of the key ingredients in Berocca® Boost.

It's good to know that with added multivitamins and minerals, Berocca® Boost also helps top-up the micronutrients you need to keep healthy. And unlike a lot of caffeinated soft drinks, it's free from sugar and artificial preservatives - so if you need a hand to keep your edge, it's a great way to stay sharp.

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