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Bessey GZ16-2K All Steel Screwclamp Capacity 16cm

Product Description

  • Even at the high clamping force, it will retain its dimensions and resist distortion
  • You can always be sure of that.

    3 Smooth-running spindle.
    The surface-coated spindle with acme thread is particularly smooth-running, and does not bind

  • So in future, if you are looking for a powerful, flexible clamping effect, then what you need is a BESSEY all-steel screw clamp!

    High-quality 2-component plastic handle.
    Pressure plates may be changed without tools.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    1 Versatility.
    Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high quality BESSEY steel

  • Clamping is resilient and elastic.

    2 Forged sliding arm.
    The sliding arm is made from forged tempered steel, and can withstand extremely large loads

  • For even smoother, more efficient work.

    4 Lightweight.
    Thanks to its lightweight, the original BESSEY all-steel screw clamp is deally suited to assembly work on the move

  • Or indeed for larger applications for which several screw clamps are required at the same time.

    The Bessey G16Z2K has the following:

    Clamping force up to 5,000N
    Opening 160mm
    Throat depth 80mm
    Rail 16 x 7.5mm
    Weight 0.48Kg

  • Particularly light and easy-to-handle.

    With BESSEY you can be sure of an extremely high quality, durable clamping tool which is also light and easy-to-handle

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