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Better You D Lux 1000 Oral Vitamin D3 Spray - 15ml

by Better You
  • A natural source and suitable for vegetarians
  • Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin, so we have developed D Lux 100 to be oil-based (using natural sunflower oil), so increasing it retention within the body.The source of vitamin D3 is lanolin, collected from sheep wool
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Product Description

  • Vitamin D is a vitamin and pro hormone that is synthesised by the body when our skin is exposed to UVB sunlight. Less than 10% of our supply comes from natural foods. As our bodies were developing, many thousands of years ago this was a simple and straight-forward process.

    However, in the last hundred years we have been retreating more and more away from the sun. Modern life now dictates that we spend most of our daylight hours either indoors, covered up, under glass or protecting our neglected skin with sun creams. This means that the majority of us are deficient in vitamin D and that's not good.

    o Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers
    o People with dark skin
    o Infants and children under 5 (a vitamin D supplent is now compulsary for infants in Southern Ireland)
    o The elderly and house-bound
    o Children who play mainly indoors
    o People who work indoors
    o Particularly those who live in Northern Hemisphere countries.

    Vitamin D (for humans this is D3) is essential, along with magnesium, to absorb calcium. Without D3 and magnesium, calcium is simply not soluble. It will not enter our bones and settle in the soft tissues around our joint, in our muscles and in our blood cholesterol. Calcium is very good for us but only if we can absorb it.

    Many recent studies have shown the importance of vitamin D in diabetes and cancer prevention.


  • Purified water, xylitol (natural sweetener), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), sunflower oil, lemon oil, natural preservative: potassium sorbate.


  • By applying it directly into the mouth, ideally under the tongue, it is absorbed directly into the blood system rather than having to be processed by the digestive system and major organs. This ensures no loss during the absorption process. The solution has been microemulsified to ensure the particle size is optimal for absorption in this way.

    A single spray directly into the mouth (ideally under the tongue) or as recommended by your health practitioner. Can be sprayed into a drink if preferred. 100 measured doses, 3 month’s supply.


  • BetterYou understands how hard it is to ensure optimum health when life is so hectic. With the nutritional value of food dramatically reduced due to intensive farming and over processing, greater demands on our time and relentless modern stress levels there has never been a more important time to take control and look after ourselves.

    Expert nutrition...
    We are proud to be advised by our team of young, forward thinking nutritional and health professionals. Each is skilled in their own area of expertise and we believe their support and advice to BetterYou™ is a key ingredient in keeping our product range vital, relevant and effective. In today’s fast changing world it is more important than ever to challenge the norms and focus on quality and ‘common-sense innovation’.

    Optimum nutritional absorption...
    All our ingredients are naturally sourced and each product works in a harmonious way with the body’s natural cycle. We believe that nutrients obtained from a natural raw food-source are far superior to those that are isolated or man-made. They are more easily, and so more quickly absorbed by our bodies as they are in a form our bodies expect to find them. Only the highest quality ingredients are used within the BetterYou™ range.

    We try to play clean and fair...
    Some of our ingredients travel a long way to get to us. We believe in using foods grown and harvested where they would normally be found. By the people who would normally farm them. This way we are not trying to mimic what Nature does naturally. Each ingredient is processed or extracted at source so ensuring potency and purity. It also means that we transport only what we use, reducing the environmental impact of its journey, leaving much of the bulk behind to be used as fertilizer or feedstock.

    Commitment to purity and quality...
    All BetterYou™ products are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of purity and sterility, and this is important to us. All products are gluten free, wheat free and lactose free. No added sugar, colours, yeast or preservatives appear in any BetterYou™ product. We believe in using botanical and mineral combinations that work effectively together. The formulations are designed to be safe introductions to better health maintenance and most products are suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac diet. No products or ingredients used have been tested on animals.

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Good stuff
  • Added by Delited
  • Date: 03/01/2012

Very easy to use once a day spray that will suit most people unless you don't like mint flavour.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.