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NAST17486 Better You

Better You Femergy - 60 capsules

by Better You
  • A natural alternative to caffeine and sugar based energy supplements.
  • Created for today’s busy woman, Femergy™ is a potent blend of finest Peruvian Maca, Brazilian Ginseng plus Ginkgo Biloba to help maintain a feeling of energy, mental clarity and sexual alertness
  • Expected Despatch By 13/12/2016

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Product Description

    • Formulated to be taken daily, and whenever tiredness strikes, Femergy™ works holistically, providing short-term energy together with mental clarity and hormonal balance, helping to create a feeling of well being and vitality
    • Femergy provides totally raw food energy together with mental clarity and mood regulation, as all three dynamically affect each other
    • Increasing focus and concentration
    • Increases oxygen flow
    • By effectively enhancing mood and hormonal balance
    • Caffeine-free
    • Having enough energy for the day and maintaining a balanced state of mind and mood has never been more important than in today’s fast-paced world
    • In a nutshell it provides energy in three important ways:-
    • By enhancing blood flow around the body, speeding oxygen supply to all the major organs, including the brain.The brain uses 20% of all the oxygen in the body!
    • By providing raw carbohydrates used by the brain and body to turn into immediate energy
    • What are the main benefits?
    • Helps to restore energy and stamina and alleviates mood
    • 100% food-sourced ingredients
    • Safe enough to be taken daily and increased whenever needed
    • Sugar-free
    • Using only natural ingredients and free from artificial stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, there is no come-down and it wont affect your sleep-patterns.

      Femergy™ offers a powerful herbal combination of nature’s pure energy-givers, gentle enough for regular use yet with proven effectiveness
    • Restores libido and increases sexual alertness
    • Suitable for diabetics and those on a vegetarian and vegan diet.


  • Peruvian Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Cayenne, Brazilian Ginseng (Suma), Aloe Vera, Chromium (Polynicotinate), Grape Seed Extract.


  • 2 capsules daily or as and when tiredness strikes.


  • "I always keep a tub of Femergy™ in my drawer at work. It helps me stay clear and focused when I have to work late… which is all too often!"
    Sarah Hedley - editor, Scarlet Magazine, London

    "I saw an article about Femergy™ and thought I’d try it out. I now regularly order for my friends and family. I can’t face a Friday night out without it! I feel safe knowing that only natural ingredients are used."
    Angela Ingham - West Midlands

    "We love Femergy, it's great for energy."
    Janey Lee Grace – Author and co-presenter Steve Wright in the Afternoon

    "Having burnt the candle at both ends yet again I took Femergy™ and couldn’t believe how sharp and awake I felt."
    Fiona Robson - Celebrity Agent, London

    "As a working mum of two I sometimes struggle with the stresses and strains of everyday life. I was told about Femergy™ by my gym instructor and found it gives me just the daily boost I need. I normally take two capsules in the morning and it sets me up for the day. If I need to take more later in the day I know that, because it’s caffeine and sugar free, it wont disrupt my sleep. Femergy™ is a godsend!"
    Sharon Moffat - Mum of Two, Sheffield


  • The BetterYou range of nutritional products is made by Alternative Health Laboratories. It is a young, British company that believe's in the importance of natural wellbeing. The BetterYou range of contemporary food supplements has been created with today’s modern, busy lifestyles in mind. Our ingredients are from wholefoods and are naturally sourced, working in a harmonious way with the body’s natural cycle. We fundementally believe that ingredients which come from a wholefood source are better absorbed by the body as they are in a complex state which the body is designed to receive. The results are faster to be felt and more sustainable if the absorption is more natural. We are not necessarily what we eat... we are certainly what we absorb!

    The major problem with modern convenience diets today is that, although they contain calorie energy, they contain fewer and fewer of the essential nutrients our bodies require for effective health maintenance. This means that our bodies crave more and more and so we eat more and more. The more we eat the more malnourished we are becoming!

    BetterYou's contemporary formulations are matched only by the highest quality ingredients and each product has been formulated by nutritional therapist Julie G. Silver to the highest pharmaceutical standards. We guarantee all our products contain no gluten, no wheat, no lactose, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavourings, no yeast or added sugar. Suitable for those on a vegan, vegetarian and diabetic diet and all are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

    A Better You… just as nature intended.

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  • Alternative Health Laboratories Ltd



    Better You





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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.