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Better You Magnesium Oil Sports Spray - 100ml

by Better You

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  • Magnesium Oil provides high levels of magnesium, delivered with optimal absorption directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells with immediate effect
  • Essential oils calm overexcited nerves and quickly soothe muscle groups providing an exhilarating muscle and joint rub
  • Magnesium facilitates oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue, improving performance and speeding recovery time
  • Magnesium Oil’s salt structure provides the most absorbable source of elemental magnesium, naturally purified and uncontaminated by pollution
  • Massive amounts of magnesium are lost through sweat and the accelerated metabolism of strenuous exercise
  • Mined from European sea deposits over 250 million years old and one mile underground, the natural process of filtering and condensing produces a magnesium supply essential for aerobic energy production, muscle performance and skeletal strength
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Product Description

  • Magnesium is essential for so many athletic requirements:

    Optimum energy production
    Magnesium is responsible, together with calcium, for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our most important high-energy phosphate compound. In addition, good magnesium levels are needed for optimal muscle contraction and to sustain the high oxygen consumption necessary for athletic performance. Research indicates that magnesium facilitates oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue, without it muscle fatigue and cramp are quickly experienced.

    Heart Health
    Subjects who have a higher risk of coronary artery disease also have lower red blood cell magnesium levels suggesting that magnesium may be the main factor affecting their increased risk. For over thirty years it has been known that magnesium deficiency predisposes to high cholesterol levels and supplementing magnesium decreases the particular risk factors for coronary artery disease.

    Skeletal strength
    It is magnesium that helps to make the calcium within our bodies soluble. Without it calcium is not absorb into our skeltal structure and settles around our joints and within our soft tissue and muscles, slowly and surely calcifying our bodies. As a general rule, the softer our body structure the more we need calcium, while the more rigid and inflexible it is, the less calcium and the more magnesium we need. Magnesium can prevent and reverse the degenerative calcification of our body structure and with this help to increase skeletal strength and ease movement.


  • Aqua, Zechstein source Magnesium Chloride, essential oils (Grape Seed, Lemon, Camphor, Black Pepper), Trace Minerals

    Magnesium chloride is the most absorbable form of magnesium as it is the form the body turns all magnesium into once ingested. BetterYou Magnesium Oil uses a source of magnesium chloride mined only in the North of Holland, over a mile below the ground and over 250 million years old.

    Unlike salt sources from open seas this source is completely uncontaminated by toxins from modern industrialization and man-made pollutants. Drained and replenished three times during its life, this ancient sea has some of the purest sources of magnesium chloride deposits known. When mineral sources are quoted as being rich it is often used to indicate the presence of a variety of other minerals in significant quantities.

    BetterYou Magnesium Oil uses only the purest source of magnesium chloride, with only a trace presence of other minerals. The process of mining this precious mineral utilizes unobtrusive drilling pipes which dissolve the seam in spring water and then pump it to the surface. A chemical ‘fingerprint’ is then taken to ensure a consistency of purity and a certificate of pharmaceutical quality is granted for every approved batch. Only through this process can BetterYou provide its Magnesium Oil spray.

    Grape Seed extract, Lemon, Black Pepper and Camphor oils are added to complete this exhilerating and regenerative combination. This formula has been trialled used with great success for muscle relaxing, detoxing and the treatment of joint and skeletal conditions.


  • Can be sprayed anywhere on the body. Ideally apply before exercise and after showering and make it part of your daily bathroom routine.

    For Training Support - Apply a minimum of 5 – 10 sprays, morning and night to help restore magnesium levels. Massage into muscle area and leave to dry naturally. Can be sprayed anywhere on the body. Increase dosage during intense training.

    For Muscle Detox and Recovery - Saturate muscle area and thoroughly massage into skin. Repeat as often as required and keep area warm.

    Massage – for the ultimate in relaxing and detoxing tissue therapy rubs.

    10 sprays deliver 150mg (50% RDA) of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium. Contains up to 800 sprays. Avoid contact with eyes. A warm, tingling sensation may be felt as the magnesium purifies and heals skin flaws. This will pass as skin is repaired. If undue redness or stinging is experienced dilute by half or apply to wet skin. Never tested on animals. 100% natural source.


  • BetterYou understands how hard it is to ensure optimum health when life is so hectic. With the nutritional value of food dramatically reduced due to intensive farming and over processing, greater demands on our time and relentless modern stress levels there has never been a more important time to take control and look after ourselves.

    Expert nutrition...
    We are proud to be advised by our team of young, forward thinking nutritional and health professionals. Each is skilled in their own area of expertise and we believe their support and advice to BetterYou™ is a key ingredient in keeping our product range vital, relevant and effective. In today’s fast changing world it is more important than ever to challenge the norms and focus on quality and ‘common-sense innovation’.

    Optimum nutritional absorption...
    All our ingredients are naturally sourced and each product works in a harmonious way with the body’s natural cycle. We believe that nutrients obtained from a natural raw food-source are far superior to those that are isolated or man-made. They are more easily, and so more quickly absorbed by our bodies as they are in a form our bodies expect to find them. Only the highest quality ingredients are used within the BetterYou™ range.

    We try to play clean and fair...
    Some of our ingredients travel a long way to get to us. We believe in using foods grown and harvested where they would normally be found. By the people who would normally farm them. This way we are not trying to mimic what Nature does naturally. Each ingredient is processed or extracted at source so ensuring potency and purity. It also means that we transport only what we use, reducing the environmental impact of its journey, leaving much of the bulk behind to be used as fertilizer or feedstock.

    Commitment to purity and quality...
    All BetterYou™ products are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of purity and sterility, and this is important to us. All products are gluten free, wheat free and lactose free. No added sugar, colours, yeast or preservatives appear in any BetterYou™ product. We believe in using botanical and mineral combinations that work effectively together. The formulations are designed to be safe introductions to better health maintenance and most products are suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and coeliac diet. No products or ingredients used have been tested on animals.

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