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NAST18583 Better You

Better You Magnesium Sleeping Spray - 100ml

by Better You

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  • A safe and natural way of bringing magnesium levels to a healthy level.
  • 100ml spray offering 800 measured doses
  • Usually Despatches Within 1 Working Days
Dispatched & sold by: New Health Care

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Product Description

  • This exceptional formula has been mined from ancient Zechstein Sea deposits over 250 million years old and one mile underground. The natural process of filtering and condensing produces a magnesium supply essential for energy, brain health, relaxation of nerves, blood vessels and muscles and the prevention and reversal of joint and tissue calcification – the characteristics of growing old. Magnesium therapy represents, quite simply, the biochemistry of youth.

    What are the benefits of Magnesium Oil?
    To say that magnesium is important in health and medicine is certainly an understatement as magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Not only is magnesium lost through the processes of energy metabolism and sweat but we are struggling to effectively replenish our essential supplies. Foods rich in the mineral simply do not appear as often in our diets as they used to (wholegrains, nuts, seafood, dark green vegetables). The result is that we consume only half the magnesium we did only 50 years ago! Asian diets have proved to contain much greater levels of magnesium (more than twice those of the West) and Asian incidences or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoperoses are almost unheard of. BetterYou Magnesium Oil offers supplementation in a completely natural, safe and easily absorbable way. Unlike tablets you are receiving a magnesium supply directly into the cells, without loss or wastage.

    1: Essential for the effective absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

    2: Enhances the efficiency of the body’s immune system.

    3: Eases discomfort from joint and muscle pains when applied directly.

    4: Reduces muscle spasm, over-excited nerves and relaxes blood vessels. Encourages dramatically improved sleeping patterns. Recommended for sufferers off Restless Leg Syndrome.

    5: Ideal for sportsmen and women to help relax muscles and keep them oxygenated, reducing damage and speeding up recovery time. Used by the Romanian National Football team -Euro'08

    6: Helps to lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels, enhancing heart health.


  • Aqua, Magnesium Chloride, Trace minerals.


  • Magnesium Oil can be sprayed anywhere on the body to saturation and rubbed in. For Health Maintenance apply twice a day, morning and evening. A safe and natural way of bringing magnesium levels to a healthy level.


  • All BetterYou ingredients are naturally sourced and each product works in a harmonious way with the body’s natural cycle. We believe that vitamins and minerals obtained from a natural source are far superior to those that are man-made. They are more easily, and so more quickly absorbed by our bodies as they are in a form our bodies expect to find them in. We do not believe in absolute levels ("the bigger the better" mentality) but in optimum absorption. This allows lower quantities to have greater and more sustainable effect. Only the highest quality ingredients are used within the BetterYou™ range. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible unless there is a higher quality alternative or an organically approved alternative does not exist.

    What we must remember is that there is a difference between health maintenance and illness treatment. Positive nutrition aims to keep our bodies operating at an optimum level of health with the aim of delaying degenerative disease that plagues Western societies.

    More than 90% of modern medicines are based on discoveries of ingredients from our rainforests, yet we have apparently lost the ability to accept and understand the benefits of nature’s abundant supply of medicinal foodstuffs that exist all around us. We in the West have the luxury of national health services. For most of us it is either subsidised or free and this has allowed us to defer the responsibility of looking after our own bodies! We wait until something goes wrong and then visit the health service to get it fixed! At this point their first thought is to chemical treatments with the aim of immediate and focused response. This cause is often necessary but not always beneficial in the long-term. Nothing in nature works in isolation and with chemicals there is always a price to pay.

    We have to understand that the food we consume today is not as nutritionally valuable as we think. We are certainly receiving the calories but not the vast spectrum of nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. Processed foods, vegetables that have travelled miles to get the store and then sit on shelves for days and days are all nutritionally depleted. The result is that, although full, our bodies remain malnourished. So it demands more food and so the cycle goes leading to the obesity, and all related problems we have today. What we are able to do, here and now, is to invest a little effort into our own health maintenance through a few basic nutritional changes.

    Our ingredients often travel a long way to get to us. We believe in using foods grown and harvested where they would normally be found. By the people who would normally farm them. This way we are not trying to mimic what Nature does naturally. Each ingredient is processed or extracted at source so ensuring potency and purity. It also means that we transport only what we use, reducing the environmental impact of its journey, leaving much of the bulk behind to be used as fertilizer or feedstock.

    All BetterYou products are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of purity and sterility. All products are gluten free, wheat free and lactose free. No added sugar, colours, yeast or preservatives appear in any BetterYou™ product. If a product is flavoured, then it comes only from a food source. Our apple flavour is from extract of apple. It's as simple as that! All the products are suitable for vegetarians and for those on a vegan or diabetic diet too. Finally, all our products are prepared to pharmaceutical grade to ensure purity and standardised levels of ingredients.


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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.