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Beurer Limited Edition Cosy HK Heating Pad

  • Beurer Limited Edition Cosy HK Heating Pad

Product Description

With the Beurer Cosy Heating Pad you can gently warm and relax any part of the body. Snuggle up to the extra-soft microfibre fleece heating pad for a pleasant, cosy well-being. The heating pad features an electric temperature control that regulates precisely the warmth supply according to the chosen setting (0-1-2-3). The heating pad is made of fluffy microfibre fleece. The easy care material and the detachable operating element make the blanket machine washable up to 30 degrees centrigrade.\r\nThe fastest way to heat up the heating pad is to first set the switch to the highest setting. A lower setting can be selected later if required. After switching on the heating pad, the setting starts flashing briefly, while the heating pad conducts a self-test. Then the setting remains illuminated continuously. It is recommended to use the lowest temperature setting for extended use of the heating pad. 0 = off, 1 = Minimum heat, 2 = Medium heat, 3 = Maximum heat.
\r\nThe Beurer Cosy Heating Pad only uses 100 watts whilst operating and so is an econimical way of heating the part of body you wish to heat. The heating pad has an automatic switch-off which stops the heat supply approx. 90 minutes after switching on the pad. The illuminated function display then starts to flash. To operate the heating pad again, you must first set the switch to zero. After about 5 seconds it can be turned on again. There is also a safety system which prevents the heating pad from overheating.
\r\nSize approx. 44 x 33 cms
\r\nBSS Overheat Protection
\r\nElectronic temperature control
\r\nRapid heat up
\r\nMachine washable

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