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Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Sport Original - 480g

  • Higher electrolyte content than our regular Coco Hydro.Additional naturally mineralized sea salt for extreme workouts
  • Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Sport Original
  • Additional organic ionic trace minerals for quicker recovery.


Product Description

  • Chelated minerals means up to 98% absorption
    Superior sports nutrition straight from mother nature


Coco Hydro SPORT truly is the pioneering evolution of sports nutrition. No more synthetic mineral isolates. No more ingredients your mouth can't pronounce and your body can't absorb.

We take our regular Coco Hydro Daily Hydration formula, add 25% more pure sea salt and 10% more organic ionic trace minerals.

What does this do? Well, sodium is actually more important than potassium during extreme workouts (big time sweating) and athletes have always complained that coconut water doesn't have enough sodium. We have also added 10% more organic ionic trace minerals to aid the body, in not only giving your cells more pure food to function better during performance, but to ensure a quicker and easier recovery from your workout.

Another great benefit to Coco Hydro SPORT over other sport nutrition supplements is that Coco Hydro SPORT is comprised of chelated minerals, instead of synthetic mineral isolates. What does this mean? Chelated minerals are naturally bound to other co-factor minerals, meaning the body and more easily absorb them; up to 98% absorption rate! Mineral isolates are on average only 2% absorbed by the body. This also translates to what athletes refer to as "gut-rot".

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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