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Big Umbrella Corporation Resident Evil Clothing Patch Black Red Iron On Logo - 7 x 9cm

  • If the clothing is not smooth, the patch may not adhere correctly or might bunch up the material when applied
  • Step 3 Set the iron to the heat setting to match the material in the garment
  • Step 6 Remove the washcloth and let the clothing sit until it and the patch are cool to the touch
  • Step 4 Place the iron on the washcloth and move it slowly in a circular motion for approximately 90 seconds
  • If the patch is not adhering, you will want to stop the process and start over with a new patch
  • Place a washcloth over the patch so the heat is not applied directly to the patch or clothing when ironing
  • If the iron starts to wrinkle the cloth, straighten it back out
  • Iron the cloth for another 30 seconds, turn off the iron and unplug it
  • Allow the iron adequate time to heat up
  • If you start to apply the patch before the iron is fully heated, it may not adhere correctly in places
  • Step 5 Lift the cloth to check that the patch is applying correctly, then replace the cloth back over it
  • Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation Patch Great For Any Resident Evil Fan 7cm Wide and 9cm High Easy Iron On Highly Detailed Clothes Patch Step 1 Wash the garment intended for the patch and dry it on the permanent press cycle to aid in obtaining a wrinkle-free garment
  • Step 2 Lay the clothing flat on an ironing board and centre the patch over the hole in the clothing

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  • Big Umbrella Corporation Resident Evil Clothing Patch Black Red Iron On Logo

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