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Billington's Fair Trade Demerara Sugar - 500g

  • Guarantees a better deal for Third World producers
  • Billington's Fair Trade Demerara Sugar
  • Billingtons Sugar.


Product Description

  • Its rich flavour and crunchy texture also makes it a great topping for fruit, sundaes and grilled grapefruit
  • The ideal sweetener for coffee
  • Also excels in cakes, biscuits and crumbles.


Here at Billington's we believe in using only the finest ingredients in cooking and baking, and when it comes to sugar, that means Billington's Unrefined sugars.

We are aware that consumers are increasingly looking for those products that are more natural and better tasting. You also want to know that the products you are buying are of the highest quality.

At Billington's we offer a complete range of unrefined sugars, meeting all your sugar needs whether your recipes are sweet or savoury.

Our soft sugars are perfect for baking and as a daring alternative in coffee and hot chocolate. Billington's Light and Dark Muscovados are unrivalled in their rich flavour, colour and aroma.

Unrefined Golden Granulated, Demerara and Sugar Crystals are the perfect everyday accompaniment to your hot drinks.

Together with our Fairtrade and Organic ranges, Billington's has the best choice of unrefined sugars in the world.

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