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Billy & Margot Complete Chicken Wet Food - 395g

by Billy & Margot
  • Billy & Margot Complete Chicken Wet Food
  • Billy + Margot range of complete nutritious meals for dogs are produced using only 100% human grade ingredients
  • As always our products are made in Britain mostly using British sourced ingredients.
  • Our meals combine a blend of meats, fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements.Suitable for all breeds and sold in tins of 395g.The feeding guides given are approximate, an individual dog’s requirements may differ from this guide, adjust the amount given to keep your dog in a lean active condition (lactating bitches may require up to four times as much food as their normal intake)
  • Fresh drinking water should always be available for your dog.Store unopened in a cool dry place


Product Description

    • Once opened, cover, keep cool and use within 48 hours.


      When buying your dog food the saying, always remember the famous saying
      “You get what you pay for”.

      Great quality nutrition:

      Your dog is special and like you he/she needs a balanced and nutritious diet, too
    • So it’s worth understanding what’s written on the ingredients label and making sure you’re choosing a product that’s of the very highest quality.

      So what ingredients should you be looking out for?

      Animal based protein
      Fruit and vegetable based fibre and carbogydrate sources
      Balanced fatty acids
      Why they are important?

      Premium foods are rich in good quality animal protein
    • Ingredients are listed on the packaging in descending order
    • When named animal proteins such as chicken, beef, or fish are listed first on the label (rather than by-products or vegetable protein) you can be sure it’s a high quality food
    • One third of a dog’s protein intake is used to keep his skin and coat in peak condition and half of his body mass is muscle built from protein in the food.

      The majority of your pet’s immune system is found in his digestive system and the right fibre, found in fruit and vegetables, support a healthy microflora, good nutrient absorption and good stool quality
    • Other fibres, like cellulose or beet pulp, do not provide these benefits and increase stool volume.

      How balanced fatty acids can boost brain power.

      Fats boost your dog’s boundless energy – and his brainpower
    • Omega-3 are fatty acids found in flaxseed and fish oil
    • The key to omega-3 is to include it in your dog’s diet in the perfect ratio
    • Better quality dog foods will have these vital elements in the right balance.

      Lastly there are a few ingredients you really don’t want to find on the label in any shape or form: artificial colourants, too many or cheap grains that are often used as fillers, artificial flavourings, beet pulp, unnamed fats
    • Top quality food manufacturers choose nature’s own antioxidants, like rosemary extract, citric acid and vitamin E, to protect the goodness of their premium ingredients.

      Now we’ve explained the science you can see why it’s well worth taking the time to read and understand the label on your dog’s food.

      How to read the label – Ingredients are listed in the packaging in descending order.

      At Billy + Margot we are dedicated to producing the best dog food on the market
    • That means using only our finest ingredients, including high-quality proteins like those found in chicken, beef, venison and fish
    • Moreover, our formulas all contain pure fruit, vegetables and added vitamins and minerals, so you know what you’re feeding your four-legged friend is healthy.

      Vitamin and mineral supplementation

      Like humans, dogs require the right balance of vitamins and minerals to maintain body structures and vital functions
    • Vitamins support a range of body functions, including the immune system, eyesight, bone structure, muscles and joints to name a few
    • Minerals balance body fluids, support metabolic processes and build strong bones and teeth.

      Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are classed as ‘nutritional additives’ in pet foods
    • These additives help us to produce complete food that is nutritionally complete and balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your pet
    • Some examples include Vitamin A (E672) which helps with eyesight; calcium and phosphorus to help promote healthy bone and teeth growth; Iron (E1) which can help support healthy blood and Zinc (E6) which can help support a healthy immune system.

      The dosage of these nutrients is very low which means there is no risk of toxicity even if your dog eats our food every day for the rest of its life.


  • Chicken (60%), Carrots (4%), Apple (1%), Herbs (Rosemary,Parsley, Mint , Marjoram, Oregano) flaxseed, Green Beans, Seaweed, Blueberries, Salmon Oil, Mannan Oligosaccharides and Minerals.

Nutrition Information

  • Nutritional Additives (per kg): Vitamin A 2250 IU ,Vitamin D3 328 IU, Vitamin E 26 mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 66.7 mg, Iron sulphate monohydrate 41.7mg, Copper sulphate pentahydrate 9.6 mg, Manganese sulphate 6.25 mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 0.714 mg, Sodium selenite 0.088 mg.

    Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 10%, Crude Fibres 0.5% Oils & Fats 8.0%, Crude Ash 2.5% Moisture 75%


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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.