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Billy's Farm Organic Raisin Biscuits - 240g

  • A biscuit full of raisins, sweetened with date syrup, which makes this biscuit not 100% crunchy.



Wholemeal What Flour, Salt, Yeast: Sodium Bicarbonate, Palm Oil & Fat, Sunflower Oil, Raisins, Date Syrup


Billy's farm is an artisanal and exclusively organic bakery in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, baking biscuits the old-fashioned way. For over 25 years Billy's Farm makes delicious cookies, at first on a real farm but, due to its success, now in a modern building. The process remains the same, however. The range of products is small and the biscuits are handbaked: each biscuit gets the attention it needs.

Billy's Farm and Food allergies
Billy's Farm is your brand for delicious cookies that contain only vegetable ingredients and no refined sugars. Only natural sugars from grain or fruits are used as sweeteners.
These products were created to answer the demand for sugarfree cookies, thus allowing allergic people and hyper-active children to enjoy a treat. In many cases the whole family changes over to our cookies, because they taste better.
Sugar is not the only problem ingredient in ordinary biscuits. Some people are allergic for instance to wheat, soy, eggs, nuts or sesame seeds.
We bake several types of cookies out of spelt flour or kamut flour instead of wheat flour.

The tiniest amount of an unsuitable food substance can cause a reaction in very sensitive individuals. That is why we are very conscious of all ingredients that we use in our cookies. They are all listed on the wrapper. There are 12 allergens that, by law, have to be mentioned if the product contains them. Two of the twelve are used in our bakery, hazelnut and sesame seed. They can cross-contaminate other products, meaning traces of them can sometimes be found in cookies even if these ingredients are not in the recipe.

Billy's Farm and Organic
All our cookies are sold under the EKO Quality symbol and also have the European Bio Logo. All the ingredients we use are organically grown. They meet the requirements concerning environment, nature and landscape, wellbeing of animals, etc.
Certificates are not all you need in organic production; you also have to keep high-quality records of all the raw ingredients coming in and the produce going out to shops and other companies. The EKO Quality symbol in the Netherlands is being checked by the EU-recognized organisation SKAL.
Some consumers choose organic food because it is better for the environment. Others because of health reasons. We think both are good reasons and we say: Organic just tastes better!!

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