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Bio Planet Peanut Oil - 250ml

  • First cold pressed peanut oil - this is a good oil for cooking as the fats are particularly resistant to heating
  • Bio Planet Peanut Oil
  • Peanuts sourced from a rural mountain project in China, organic and fair trade
  • Oil pressed in a 100% organic mill in South-West France.


Product Description

  • This support takes the form of solid commercial partnerships that are based on dialogue, transparency and the respect of human rights
  • For the detailed product overview follow this Link.
  • It has a slight aroma of peanuts and is a wonderful addition to meat, fish and vegetables
  • For several years, for example, we’ve been buying organic peanuts in the Shandong region of China
  • Now with the Max Havelaar Fair Trade label!

    JPEGBy buying Fair Trade raw materials Bio Planète has been supporting sustainable development in different parts of the world for the last 25 years
  • Fried potatoes also receive a distinctive note from peanut oil.

    Health Tip
    Peanut oil is one of the few healthy oils suitable for frying and roasting
  • Fair prices agreed with the farmers and purchase guarantees ensure the subsistence of numerous farming families in different villages of the province.

    In this way Bio Planète and its commercial partner, Naturkost Weber, have not only helped to convert many farmers to organic farming, but have also successfully completed the Fair Trade certification process that was initiated by a cooperative of 58 farmers in 2008.

    Bio Planète’s Max Havelaar labelled peanut oil not only meets growing consumer demand for fair trade products but also contributes to improving the living and working conditions of the inhabitants of this region
  • What is more, the peanuts used in our oil undergo an intensive selection process, and we only take in healthy, shelled nuts of the highest quality, which we press as soon as we receive them.

    We are proud to be able to offer an organic peanut oil that has neither been roasted before pressing nor steamed after pressing.

    Gourmet Tip
    Peanut oil is ideal for dishes prepared in the wok
  • The purchase of school books, the establishment of infrastructure, and the acquisition of better seeds and more suitable tools are tangible examples of the fruit of this ongoing collaboration between the Moog oil mill, Naturkost Weber GmbH and the Max Havelaar Fair Trade organisation.

    Peanut oil is generally made from roasted peanuts and is then steam treated
  • It is a healthy alternative to traditional frying fat, as it has a significantly higher proportion of fatty acids.

    Consumer Tip
    This oil is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and raw food
  • Our peanut oil is different: it is 100% natural and 100 % pure

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information for 100 ml
Energy 3367 kJ (819 kcal)
Fat of which 91 g
Saturated fatty acids 19 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 35 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 36 g
Protein, carbohydrates, sodium, fibres 0 g
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol equivalent) 22 mg*
* Corresponds to 183 % of the recommended daily allowance


More than 25 years ago my father, Franz J. Moog, came to the south of France with the dream of becoming an organic farmer. Our first farm was called « Domaine de la planète », and so Bio Planète quickly became the brand name for our quality organic oils, today ded­i­cated to cre­ative and healthy cooking. From these modest begin­nings the first exclu­sively organic oil mill in Europe was founded in 1984. Today, we con­tinue to make virgin oils using ancient tra­di­tions and know-how, while at the same time inte­grating modern pro­duc­tion tech­niques to meet our cus­tomer’s needs; oils for everyday, cre­ative , and healthier cooking.

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