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Bioactive Thyme Extra Virgin Olive oil - 250ml

  • Bioactive Greek extra virgin olive oil infused with organic aromatic plants and fruits EL1 is a natural product series based on extra virgin oil and Greek organic herbs and fruits.
  • Pellas Nature Bioactive Thyme Extra Virgin Olive oil


Product Description

  • The olive oil enrichment is carried out directly from the fresh plant, without the need for the separation of essential oil
  • Thymol, which is the most active compound of thyme demonstrates a significant antibacterial and antioxidant activity
  • Moreover, thyme is used in respiratory system disorders as antitussive and expectorant, and it helps in digestion
  • This one-step process results in a more homogenized product, stable over time, with a full flavor and a rich aroma
  • The herbs' and fruits' bioactive compounds are not destroyed, but are transferred in EL1 giving their beneficial properties.

    EL1 infused with thyme has kept the majority of thyme bioactive compounds (thymol, p-cymene, -terpinene) keeping and its beneficial properties
  • Due to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity of thyme, it is usually used in the oral treatment of upper respiratory infections, such as laryngitis and acute and chronic bronchitis
  • Thyme is well-known about its heating, spasmolytic and diuretic action.
  • It is a natural antibiotic6 and indicate antimutagenic and anticancer activity
  • P-cymene and -terpinene which show antioxidant and antibacterial activity too, enhance thymols activity
  • Our infused olive oils (EL1) are produced via a green pioneer process, which does not harm the environment or degrades the olive oil

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