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Biolink Poultry Shield Concentrate Makes Up To 10 Litres - 1 Litre

  • Its powerful detergent action dissolves dirt and grease, allowing for easier cleaning and also washing away mites and insects habitat
  • Poultry Shield can be used on any type of poultry house and is also safe to use with birds present.Drinkers are potentially major sources of infection, particularly when sited in outdoor runs
  • Pay particular attention to the roof joints and underneath your nest boxes and perches and then leave for an hour to thoroughly soak
  • Biolink Poultry Shield, 1 Litre, Makes up to 10 Litres Poultry Shield is a cleaner, sanitiser and odour neutraliser, designed for cleaning chicken housing and equipment
  • Following the hour's soak, wash/brush clean your hen house, ensuring you wash away any debris.4
  • If the felt has come away, the best advice would be to replace the roof with Onduline sheeting.3
  • Then give them a brush and a rinse before putting back into your clean house.Poultry Shield does not contain poisons.It can be used in organic production - check with your association for further details.
  • All the equipment which had been removed before cleaning your hen house should be given a good wash with Poultry Shield; this will ensure everything has been cleaned and sanitised
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection greatly reduces the chance of spreading infection and biofilms.To make 1 litre of Poultry Shield solution, add 100ml Poultry Shield concentrate to 900ml clean water.If you are introducing new birds to a previously used coop/building we recommend the following steps to ensure that your chickens have the best start, we also recommend using this procedure as part of your regular cleaning regime, ensuring the best welfare standards for your birds:1
  • Spray the interior of your hen house with Poultry Shield solution (a garden hand pump sprayer is ideal for this so you can give the hard to reach places a good soak); including all your nest boxes, perches and any other fittings
  • For ease if you have a large bucket, you could fill this with Poultry Shield solution and leave to soak whilst you are cleaning the house
  • Remove any old bedding and removable equipment.2
  • Please note that if you have a felt roof, ensure that the edges are completely stuck down, as this is a great habitat for red mite, Poultry Shield will not be able to clean between the felt and roof, as it simply cannot reach


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