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Bional Garlic + Olive Leaf & Hawthorn - 80 Capsules

  • Supports vascular health.
  • Bional Garlic + Olive Leaf & Hawthorn 80 Capsules



BIONAL is a leading European producer of phytotherapeutic remedies and food supplements; products which contain herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Initially the products were mainly sold in the Netherlands through drug stores and health food shops; today they are also widely available from Chemists, Pharmacies, Well-Being Centers and Supermarkets in more than 20 countries.

The range comprises over 40 different products whose strength lies in the concentration of active components, which are all of plant origin. Some products can help to prevent certain symptoms of disease, others help maintain good health, and support healing processes or will increase general resistance to illness. As each country applies different rules and regulations, the number of products sold per country may vary.

The company, which has its Head Office in The Netherlands, has almost 30 years' experience in the formulation, production and distribution of natural plant remedies. BIONAL has a fully equipped Research and Development facility and strict quality control procedures which are certified according to European GMP guidelines.

For responsible use of plant based healthcare products, sharing of knowledge is essential. BIONAL directs much of its effort to raising awareness among both retailers and consumers and providing ample information to retailers to enable them to give a high level of professional advice to their customers.

All BIONAL products are blister-packed for hygiene and protection. They are easily absorbed and contain no artificial colouring or flavouring. If allergens, like yeast, gluten, salt, sugar or dairy products, are in the product, we clearly mention that on our packages.

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4 out of 5
By cazking | Posted on: 09/04/2013

good for high blood pressure

taking instead of prescribed medication as it works just as well BUT was better when it had mistletoe instead of olive leaf.

5 out of 5
By Polaris | Posted on: 10/09/2012

Over the Moon!

Since using this product regularly, my blood pressure and general health has improved so significantly that I do not need any other medication from my doctor.


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