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Birt & Tang Ginkgo Tea - 50 Bags

  • Birt&Tang's Ginkgo herbal tea combines the powerful antioxidant properties of the Ginkgo leaf with those of Green tea.The Ginkgo tree, the most ancient of all trees, is revered in China as a symbol of long life and vitality in later life.
  • Birt & Tang Ginkgo Tea


Product Description

  • Birt&Tang's Ginkgo tea subtly blends Ginkgo leaf with green tea, apple and cloves to make an envigorating brew and a great pick-me-up.
  • Modern research suggests that the Gingko leaf may be helpful for boosiing memory function,increasing awareness and improving circulation


Green tea · Ginkgo leaf · Polygala root · Apple · Peppermint Leaf · Cloves · Tianyeju


Birt & Tang herbal teas are an entirely new concept in tea drinking - combining Oriental wisdom with modern Western lifestyle values. Made in China with authentic herbal formulations that have been slightly adjusted for Western palates, each little teabag is packed full of ultra-healthy, exotic herbs. Birt & Tang's unique teas offer a refreshingly delicious alternative to traditional teas and coffees.

Birt & Tang teas are all made in China to secret recipes created by renowned Shanghai herbalist Mr. Li, who has worked in the Chinese tea market for over two decades. He created these uniquely delicious and functional teas to make over 5,000 years of traditional Chinese wisdom accessible to people in the West.

Birt & Tang represent an exciting new era in the speciality and herbal tea market. This is the first time that such sophisticated formulations have been made accessible by placing them in t-tagged teabags. More than fifty different rare and natural ingredients are used across this unique range carefully blended for the Western palate.

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