FFSP10655 Boiron

Blackberry Puree (Frozen), Boiron,1kg

  • Out of season in years past, all you had were fond memories to sustain you..
  • Meet our new favourite thing; a smooth, 100% fruit puree with no nasties involved, which is easily storable in your freezer for months to come
  • There is nothing quite like a ripe blackberry in season - no red or purple dots, just soft, glossy, blue-black and full of sticky juice
  • but not anymore
  • Now you can enjoy that uniquely dark flavour all year round, which is in no way diminished by the mushy state of the fruit.


Product Description

  • Make a sticky, sweet sauce with a hint of red wine to drizzle over venison, pheasant, woodcock and other game.

  • The Scots love their blackberries, and with good reason - they are the best fruits to pair with game, which needs rich, fruity flavours to complete it

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