ELGS12487 Thomas Elliott Fertiliser

Blood, Fish & Bone Meal Fertilizer - 10Kg

  • The added potash promotes flower colour and improves ripening of fruit and vegetables
  • APPLICATION RATES:For seedbeds or digging in, 25g - 75g per sq
  • metreTop Dressing 50 - 100g per sq
  • As a top dressing: Apply 70g/m.sqr around the plants and lightly fork in to the soil
  • Analysis Total Nitrogen (N) 5.0% Total Phosphorous Pentoxide (P205) 5.0% (2.2% P) of which is soluble in water 1.0% (0.4% P) Total Potassium Oxide (K20) 6.0% (5.0% K) How and When to Use Before planting or sowing: Apply 140g/m.sqr and lightly fork or rake in to the soil
  • Water in well if rain does not occur within 24 hours of application
  • For newly planted and/or delicate plants, the lower or weaker mix is advised until well established
  • Responsibility for soil/enviromental conditions, individual mixes and results is that of the end user.
  • Thomas Elliott Blood, Fish and Bone, 10Kg Blood, Fish and Bone contains the three major nutrients essential for healthy growth
  • metreAll application rates supplied are general guidelines only


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