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Bloodlust Board Game


Product Description

  • Fast playing card game using the vampire genre
  • If players stay in and a daylight card is drawn that brings the sun up then any players still in the round lose all of their gains for that round
  • The leader of the coven is dead and the quest is on for between 2 to 10 players to be the vampire who adds the most to their bloodline and becomes the new leader
  • Use your powers to best your opponents, or to help them, your choice
  • Before each card flip players must decide whether to stay on the hunt with the possibility of more increase or loss to their bloodline, or getting out and holding their bloodline gains for that round
  • Players can play their powers depending on the situation which can help them and other players or hurt other players.
  • Each player takes a character card which has variable powers on them
  • Beautiful cards, rules, and board brings the game to life
  • Cards are flipped from the play deck one at a time, the possibilities are a daylight card which raises the possibility of sunrise, a card which increases a characters bloodline, a slayer card which injures the character or reduces the bloodline, etc
  • A number of rounds are played depending on the number of players
  • Players add to their bloodline by staying out on the hunt, but the longer you stay out the better the possibility of daylight, and if your out and the sun comes up then you could lose it all

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