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BlueberryActive - Concentrated Blueberry Juice - 210ml

  • 100% premium grade, blueberry concentrate
  • CherryActive BlueberryActive Concentrate
  • Each 210ml bottle typically contains the concentrated juice from over 1250 blueberries.
  • No added preservatives


Product Description

  • A 210ml bottle makes approx 2 litres of diluted juice.


Winner of Best Product, Supplements and Remedies natural trade show awards, Brighton 2007.


CherryActive is a company that is committed to the health, well-being, vitality, and sporting success of our customers. We operate on our own set if unique principles which are dedicated to the delivery of the highest standards of customer service and the provision of excellent products.

CherryActive values the environment and the people that live in it. We recycle, with all of our cardboard either being recycled or used by local organic farm shops. Our Concentrate bottle is made from PET and our Capsule bottle is made from HDPE, both of which are fully recyclable.

We employ a team of passionate and dedicated specialist farmers to ensure our cherries are the best around. Our team pay attention to the very finest detail to ensure maximum quality and potency of the produce that goes into our products.

Our farmers grow our cherries in the finest nutrient rich soil which packs our cherries full of goodness. They specially care for and maintain our crop in an ecologically sound and responsible way to produce a safe and abundant harvest, whilst protecting and preserving the natural environment. During the growth stage, our cherry trees are carefully maintained and protected from climbing cutworms through the application of tar paper around the tree trunks, and cherry fruit flies are kept at bay using simple bait-lure traps. Conserving natural populations of beneficial mites, bugs and spiders keeps other harmful pests to a minimum.

Once our cherries are ripe they are harvested, with only the sweetest and reddest cherries, indicating the highest levels of powerful antioxidants, being selected to be used in CherryActive products.

The best cherries are immediately processed using our unique processing methods which work to harness and optimise the powerful compounds of our carefully grown, specially selected, cherries. Only once the cherries have been processed the unique CherryActive way are they finally granted the coveted CherryActive logo and seal of quality – a sure sign of excellence!

Please note: All farming methods (including organic) use some pesticides and fungicides to control predators and fungal disease. Our methods seek to keep predator insects and diseases below damaging levels through an integrated approach of monitoring and trapping whilst
keeping any spraying to a minimum and at a low toxicity.

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