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Board Games Bundle - Pig Out And Silly Moo - 2 Items Supplied

  • Be quick, as the other greedy pigs are rolling the dice and want to Pig Out! They can also swap and steal your food! Age 5+ 27cm x 27cm x 8cm John Adams Games Silly Moo Game Silly Moo is the udderly funny game where you milk the cow! Roll dice and pull the udders one, two or three times, to see if Silly Moo drops a pat or a pint! Milk cartons score 'pints' but watch out for the pats as they lose you 'pints'
  • The one with the most 'pints' wins! Age 3+ 28cm x 28cm x 16cm 2 Items supplied 1 x John Adams Games Pig Out 1 x John Adams Games Silly Moo Game
  • 2 Items supplied John Adams Games Pig Out The hilarious game you can play between meals! With a trough full of food, roll PIG OUT! and get to scoff the nosh! Pop on your snout and start hogging the trough, trying to get pieces of 'Fruit & Veg' stuck in your snout
  • When Silly Moo's eyes pop out she's fully milked so count up the score


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