BOML10007 Bob Martin

Bob Martin Dewormer Cats & Kittens - 4 Tubes

  • Specially developed to make worming easy, without the bites, scratches and other problems associated with trying to give tablets to a cat
  • Bob Martin Deworm Cats & Kittens
  • Simply apply the solution to the back of your cat's neck for fast effective tapeworm treatment.


Product Description

  • There is no permanent treatment for worms
  • It is also important to remove sources of possible re-infestation, such as fleas and mice
  • Suitable for cats and weaned kittens weighing more than 1kg.
  • Spot On Dewormer start working almost immediately and is 100% effective at controlling tapeworm in cats and kittens
  • Veterinarians recommend that weaned kittens and adult cats be wormed every 3 months as a routine measure


Bob Martin is the UK’s leading brand name for pet healthcare. The company was founded in 1892 in Southport, England where Robert (Bob) Martin manufactured vitamin and mineral powders after he recognised the need to supplement dogs diets. At the time there were no prepared pet foods on the market and people fed table scraps and porridge to their animals.

The Bob Martin brand has grown from a vitamin supplement range for dogs and cats to include de-wormers, shampoos and many different products to rid pets of ticks and fleas. Since then the company and its team of pet experts have expanded the product range to care for all of your pet’s needs, from healthcare to hygiene and more recently into snacks, treats and pet accessories.

Bob Martin remains an independent, privately owned business and our main manufacturing site and head office is in the South West of England. With 3 manufacturing sites across the UK and selling to many different countries across Europe and worldwide, Bob Martin are committed to ensuring that the most effective products and advice are always available to everyone. Our products are available to purchase from supermarkets and pet stores, all without prescription.

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