TAPR10050 Body Spark

Body Spark Ankle Wrap - 7-18 Inches

  • Beneficial for those with ankle injuries.


Product Description

  • Helps with injured, swollen ankles or other foot injuries
  • The combination of tourmaline, serpentine and other special minerals make BodySpark™ material like no other.

    We have the only technology available that can refine tourmaline, serpentine and other minerals to 0.3 microns or less
  • Years of research have revealed many health benefits from negative ions and infra-red rays, such as improved circulation, stress relief, increased mental alertness and faster recovery from fatigue or injuries
  • A series of major scientific breakthroughs have made it possible to create BodySpark™ material, a new kind of fibre that contains special health-enhancing minerals
  • The smaller particles create a greater surface area which increases the minerals' effectiveness
  • Restores circulation to cold feet
  • Our special weave was expressly designed by scientists on our research team to emit the optimum amount of negative ions and far-infrared rays
  • Now, with BodySpark™ Products, you can receive the wonderful health benefits of nature wherever you are.

    What makes BodySpark™ Material so special?

    A special patented BodySpark™ composite
  • Only we offer these integrated benefits.
  • (Stretchable: 7"-18" around).

    BodySpark™ Products are a revolutionary wearable line of products that can help you look and feel your best
  • This BodySpark™ material emits negative ions (found in nature) and far-infrared rays (sunlight)
  • Use AnkleWrap for all sports or outdoor activities


Fouad I. Ghaly MD was assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle and now has his own private practice.
"When I use the BodySpark™ products, I feel relaxed yet sharp mentally and composed all day long. It increases my exercise tolerance and lessens fatigue during the workout. I have recommended these products to many of my patients and they reported positive experiences with these products. I believe that BodySpark™ products are truly the products of the future."

Manufactured by

Takionic Products (SR-3 International)









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