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Body Spark Elbow Wrap - 7-16 Inches

  • Extra strength for any kind of sports or strenuous activity.

Product Description

  • Great for affected joints
  • Years of research have revealed many health benefits from negative ions and infra-red rays, such as improved circulation, stress relief, increased mental alertness and faster recovery from fatigue or injuries
  • Our special weave was expressly designed by scientists on our research team to emit the optimum amount of negative ions and far-infrared rays
  • (Stretchable: 7"-16" around).

    BodySpark™ Products are a revolutionary wearable line of products that can help you look and feel your best
  • Only we offer these integrated benefits.
  • The smaller particles create a greater surface area which increases the minerals' effectiveness
  • Extra strength for any kind of strenuous activity
  • A series of major scientific breakthroughs have made it possible to create BodySpark™ material, a new kind of fibre that contains special health-enhancing minerals
  • Now, with BodySpark™ Products, you can receive the wonderful health benefits of nature wherever you are.

    What makes BodySpark™ Material so special?

    A special patented BodySpark™ composite
  • The combination of tourmaline, serpentine and other special minerals make BodySpark™ material like no other.

    We have the only technology available that can refine tourmaline, serpentine and other minerals to 0.3 microns or less
  • This BodySpark™ material emits negative ions (found in nature) and far-infrared rays (sunlight)

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