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Bodyform Ultra Super With Wings - 12 Pack

  • Only Bodyform towels have new SecureFit technology with a unique shape designed to fit your body perfectly.
  • Bodyform Ultra Super With Wings


Product Description

  • Only Bodyform towels have new SecureFit technology with a unique shape designed to fit your body perfectly
  • The towel therefore follows your body movements and so that you feel secure at all the time and whatever you do.
  • The efficapt core also has an unsurpassed ability to spread fluid over the entire super-absorbent surface to prevent it from collecting in one place
  • Bodyform Invisible Ultra contain a layer of super-absorbent material called efficapt
  • This allows our towels to utilise every tiny fibre to keep you fresh and dry
  • The SecureFit Technology makes the product fit your body perfectly, because it has a front and back, just like you
  • The better the fit, the more secure you feel
  • The towel moves with your body and stays in place for ultimate anti-leak security
  • Made of compressed cellulose, a natural and renewable forestry product, efficapt has incredible absorption properties


Bodyform Ultra Range
Bodyform Ultra are thin towels with SecureFit Technology. The towels have a front and back, just like you and are uniquely designed to stay in place and follow your body movements. Because the better the fit the more secure you feel. Bodyform Ultra Towels offer a variety of thin towels – for day and night usage, with or without wings as well as different lengths, for all your needs. Feel secure at all times, whatever you get up to!


The 21st century is a great time to be a woman, a great time to follow your dreams and your heart. We are committed to helping you feel as secure and confident when you have your period as you do for the rest of the month.

Our products have been inspired by women and what they wear. Think of it: feeling confident can be a perfectly tailored dress, a dab of perfume, the right sunglasses, even a pair of jeans – the smallest details can make all the difference.

We want our products to feel like something you wear, not just something you use, with all the fit, comfort and quality that demands. Quite simply, when you need to feel secure or to feel your best, we want you to Wear Bodyform.

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