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BodyMe Organic Acai Berry Powder - 125g

  • BodyMe Organic Acai Berry Powder
  • The finest organic freeze dried acai berry powder certified organic by the Soil Association


Product Description

  • In the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, this super berry is grown organically on the Euterpe oleracea tree
  • It is round and similar in size to a blueberry and is one of nature's finest purple superfoods
  • The nutritional properties and make up of this wonderful super foods berry prevents it being picked, shipped and sold in the local shop due to its short two day shelf life after picking
  • Nutrition Information

    Nutritional facts: • Contains omega 3 • Contains omega 6 • Contains omega 9 • High in fibre • Low in sugar • High in vitamin E • High in thiamine (B1) • High in riboflavin (B2) • High in iron • Source of potassium • Source of calcium • Suitable for vegans • Suitable for vegetarians • Certified gluten-free


    Acai comes without a set use. However, many people consume 2.5 to 3 grams of powder daily. Adding to smoothies, juices, breakfasts, other whole foods etc. or any other imaginative way can easily help you benefit from this amazing fruit.


    POWDER To overcome the short shelf life, this amazing fruit is freeze dried to fully preserve it’s nutritional properties. These wholefoods berries are carefully picked and washed. The pulp is then immediately extracted and frozen to preserve the nutrients. Only the water is removed through dehydration in the freeze drying process to ensure all the nutrients and ingredients remain concentrated and preserved. 20kg of these whole foods in their original state are used to create 1kg of BodyMe acai powder giving it a high 20:1 ratio. Our freeze dried acai powder is of the highest quality, is deep purple in colour and 100% certified organic by the UK Soil Association

  • This same powder is use to fill our acai berry capsules organically. BERRY BENEFITS The deep purple colour of our acai superfoods, is caused by the high level of anthocyanins which belong to the parent molecules, flavonoids.Typically, 320mg of anthocyanins can be found in 100g of our super foods, when compared to 190mg in blackcurrents. Nutritional properties can be found in the nutritional table at the top of this page
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