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BodyMe Organic Protein Bar Cacao Mint - 60g

  • BodyMe Organic Protein Bar Cacao Mint
  • We've fallen in love with our protein bars and we think you will too.....they really are that special! Bursting with raw chocyness with a little bit of minty freshness, our bars are raw, organic and handmade by us in Great Britain.
  • What they good for ?Post workout recovery.Pre-workout energy booster.Building muscle.Maintaining muscle.Weight loss - satiety - feel fuller for longer.On-the-go snack in between meals.Choc bar replacement.Vegans - high protein supplement.Non-vegans - a clean, complete and more digestible high protein snack.For those that care what goes into their body.A clean organic alternative to other protein bars.Benefits The builder - our protein bars contain over 26% of complete plant protein helping us to maintain or grow muscle
  • The magnesium and vitamin B6 in our bars helps break down and absorb protein and along with potassium, keeps the muscles working normally


Product Description

  • Iron helps move oxygen around the body and zinc helps maintain testosterone levels in the blood and helps with cell division.

    The diet satisfier - protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer, good for satiety
  • The energiser - our bars contain vitamins B1, B3 and B6, magnesium, phosphorus and iron which help us keep a normal metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • The health keeper - our bars are source of good fats which are good for normal heart function and maintaining normal cholesterol levels
  • Even the small amount of saturated fat is good as it's from the coconut oil in the form of MCTs (Medium-chain Triglycerides)
  • Our bars also a good source of magnesium, vitamins B1, B3 and B6 that are good for the nerves, heart and mind
  • The magnesium phosphorus and zinc are good for our bones and teeth
  • Vitamin B6 keeps our hormones regular and vitamin B3 and zinc are good for our skin
  • Magnesium even has added benefits of helping electrolyte balancing - keeps us functioning at our best
  • Phew!

    The protector - the zinc in our bars helps protect our cells from oxidative stress and along with it's friends - vitamin B6 and iron, helps keep our immune intact.

    Keeping it clean

    We love to keep it clean, it's the way nature always intended it! no nasties, no added sugars, no additives or preservatives, and we don't mess with the natural organic ingredients
  • Our body greets the bar with .......ahhh, we recognise you!

    Certified Organic

    Organic is our thing! so we only use only the finest organic ingredients
  • They cost more but it's worth it - the quality is better, it's clean, they're less processed and it's ethical - better for the planet, people, animals and everything in between
  • All our protein bars are certified by the Soil Association.

    Complete protein

    We don't normally like to blow our own trumpet .....
  • oh okay just a little, and just to prove there is a little bit of science behind our raw made bars - they contain a perfect blend of the 3 best plant proteins to make them complete (well, close enough).

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and there are hundreds
  • But 9 of them are essential, and can't be formed by the human body
  • So we rely on food to provide them
  • The Food and Nutrition Board in the US provides info for a complete protein.

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Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016

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