BNFR10005 Bon-fire

Bon-fire Bag For 6-Litre Stew Pot

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  • Wash at 30 degrees.
  • Bon-fire Bag For 6-Litre Stew Pot



The mobile Bon-fire kitchen is a fully equipped kitchen with pots, pan and pancake pan ready to set up over the fire. So now all kinds of food can be made outdoors, not only barbecues and twist bread.

Vegetables and potatoes can be made in the pot while the flames of the fire still burn. When the flames have turned into live coal you can barbecue the meat on the big grill grid - you can barbecue bread and other vegetables on the outer edge of the grill grid.

You can use the pan for paella, pizza or frying the meat while the flames still burn - and not having to wait for the live coal to appear. Let the children make the pancakes for the dessert.

The Danish chef René Stage and his friend Torben Eriksen have developed and designed Bon-Fire – the name of the mobile bonfire kitchen. It consists of a tri pod which is easy to enfold and set up over the fire, an enamelled fire place specially developed for the bonfire kitchen, a large grill grid, an enamelled barbecue pan, enamelled pancake pan with a long handle and finally – but not least – the practical enamelled pot with hanging chains. All easy to clean and transport as well as wind and weather proof.
It’s nice and easy, you can barbecue, fry and boil all at once over the fire, whilst the children are making the pancakes for the dessert. When finished cooking, the entire Bon Fire set can be moved over to the table all ready for serving, and then the children can make the pancakes over the fire, says the chef and his friend.
The two friends aimed to design a functional, low-cost and allround outdoor kitchen that also would look good in the garden, on the terrace or at the weekend place. And they have succeeded so far, as the feed back is solely positive and the Bon Fire kitchen is turning to be the great outdoor hit for the summer.

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Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016
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