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Bondloc B222 Screwlock Low Strength Threadlocker 50ml

Product Description

  • B222's Anaerobic nature allows it to cure only when confined between metal parts.

    Applications include all small fasteners, where vibration loosening prevention and non leakage through threaded fastening is required

  • Ideal on small set screws, brass and most types of small threaded nuts, bolts, screws, hex and slot driven components including keyed fasteners etc.


    Resin: Dimethacrylate.
    Colour: Purple White tint.
    Cure speed with Activator: <15 mins @ 20°C.
    Cure speed without Activator: 15 minutes.
    Viscosity- Brookfield Sp3 @ 20rpm: 1200 cps (thixo), Sp3 @ 20rpm: 5000cps.
    Gap Fill/Max Threadform: 0.5mm/M36.
    Flash Point: >100°C.
    Shelf Life: 12 months @ 20°C.
    Specific Gravity: 1.06.

    Cured performance:

    Full Cure Time: 12 hours @ 20°C.
    Typical Strength: ISO10964: 6Nm M10's.
    Range of Strength: Breakaway: 4N.m up to 12N.m, Prevailing: 2N.m up to 6 N.m.
    DIN 54454 Breakloose: 10N.m max 20N.m.
    DIN 54454 Prevailing: 6N.m up to 20N.m.

    Bondloc Screwlock Low Strength Threadlocker

    Size: 50ml.

  • Bondloc B222 Screwlock is a Thixotropic Anaerobic Threadlocker of Low Strength designed for easy disassembly of treated components

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