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KSPL11873 Kenco

Bosch/Siemens Oven Grill Element 2800W - 2126 - 2800w

by Kenco


Product Description

    • This is a replacement spare parts.
      related OPN: 684722, 471375

      Specifications:Overall Length 375mm
      Internal Diameter or Width 368mm
      Plate Width 23mm
      Plate Length 100mm
      Hole or Stud Centre 94mm
      Terminal Length 56mm
      Wattage 2800

      Fit to Models:
      Siemens/Bosch:HB131250B/01, HB131250B/02, HB131250B/03, HB131550B/01, HB131550B/02, HB131650B/01, HB131650B/02, HB131650B/03, HB13AB523B/01, HB13AB523B/02, HB13AB523B/03, HB13AB523B/04, HB13AB622B/01, HB13AB622B/02, HB13AB622B/03, HB13AB622B/04, HB151550B/01, HB151550B/02, HB151550B/03, HB151650B/01, HB151650B/02, HB151650B/03, HB43AB521B/01, HB43AB521B/02, HB43AB521B/03, HB43AB521B/04, HB43AB550B/07, HB43AB550B/35, HB43AB550B/45, HB43AB550B/56, HB530250B/01, HB530250B/02, HB530550B/01, HB530650B/01, HB530750B/01, HB550550B/01, HB550550B/02, HB550650B/01, HB550650B/02, HB55AB550B/01, HB55AB550B/10, HB55L550B/01, HB55LB550B/01, HB55LB550B/02, HB55LB550B/10, HB55R550B/01, HB55RB550B/01, HB55RB550B/02, HB55RB550B/10, HB560550B/01, HB560550B/02, HB560650B/01, HB560650B/02, HB560650B/03, HB560750B/01, HB560750B/02, HB564550B/01, HB56L550B/01, HB56L550B/02, HB56L550B/03, HB56L750B/01, HB56R550B/01, HB56R550B/02, HB56R550B/03, HB570560B/01, Bosch HBA13B222B/01, HBA13B222B/02, HBA13B222B/03, HBA13B222B/04, HBA13B253B/01, HBA13B253B/02, HBA13B253B/03, HBA13B253B/04, HBA13B262B/01, HBA13B262B/02, HBA13B262B/03, HBA13B262B/04, HBA13B350B/01, HBA13B350B/04, HBA13B350B/07, HBA13B550B/07, HBA13B550B/35, HBA43B251B/01, HBA43B251B/02, HBA43B251B/03, HBA43B251B/04, HBA43B261B/01, HBA43B261B/02, HBA43B261B/03, HBA43B261B/04, HBA43B350B/01, HBA43B350B/04, HBA43B350B/07, HBA53B520B/01, HBA53B520B/04, HBA53B520B/07, HBA53B520B/35, HBA53B550B/01, HBA53B550B/04, HBA53B550B/07, HBA53B550B/35, HBA53B560B/01, HBA53B560B/04, HBA53B560B/07, HBA53B560B/35, HBA541550A/01, HBA541550A/06, HBA541550A/07, HBA541550A/35, HBA56B520B/01, HBA56B520B/08, HBA56B520B/10, HBA56B520B/13, HBA56B550B/01, HBA56B550B/08, HBA56B550B/10, HBA56B550B/13, HBA56B550B/35, HBA56B560B/01, HBA56B560B/08, HBA56B560B/10, HBA56B560B/13, HBA58B650B/01, HBA58B650B/08, HBA58B650B/10, HBA58B650B/13, HBA58B950B/01, HBA58B950B/08, HBA58B950B/10, HBA58B950B/13, HBB43D250B/01, HBB43D250B/04, HBB43D250B/07, HBG53B550B/01, HBG53B550B/35, HBG53R520B/35, HBG53R520B/45, HBG53R520B/55, HBG53R550B/35, HBG53R550B/45, HBG53R550B/56, HBG53R560B/35, HBG53R560B/45, HBG53R560B/55, HBL43B250B/01, HBL43B250B/02, HBL43B250B/04, HBL43B250B/07, HBL43B250B/35, HBL43B250B/45, HBN131520B/03, HBN131520B/04, HBN131521B/01, HBN131521B/02, HBN131550B/02, HBN131551B/01, HBN131551B/02, HBN131560B/02, HBN131560B/03, HBN131561B/01, HBN131561B/02, HBN134550B/01, HBN136551B/01, HBN136551B/02, HBN430520B/01, HBN430520B/02, HBN430520B/03, HBN430521B/01, HBN430550B/01, HBN430550B/02, HBN430551B/01, HBN430560B/01, HBN430560B/02, HBN430560B/03, HBN430561B/01, HBN430570B/01, HBN430570B/02, HBN434550B/01, HBN436551B/01, HBN43L550B/01, HBN43L550B/02, HBN43L551B/01, HBN43L570B/01, HBN43R550B/01, HBN43R550B/02, HBN43R551B/01, HBN560520B/01, HBN560520B/02, HBN560520B/03, HBN560550A/01, HBN560550A/02, HBN560550B/01, HBN560550B/02, HBN560550B/03, HBN560551B/01, HBN560560B/01, HBN560560B/02, HBN560560B/03, HBN560560B/04, HBN560561B/01, HBN560570B/01, HBN560570B/02, HBN560570B/03, HBN580650B/01, HBN580651B/01, HBN580660B/01, HBN580660B/02, HBN580670B/01, HBR43B250B/01, HBR43B250B/02, HBR43B250B/04, HBR43B250B/07, HBR43B250B/35, HBR43B250B/45, HLN343250B/01, HLN343260B/01, HLN448250B/01, HLN448250B/02


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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.